Friday, August 19, 2011

update on our Honduran Angel

This is the updated email I received from Josefina.  Please continue to pray for Angel and the many other people in Honduras who need our help and prayers, not just for 1 week a year but year round.  Also, in this post is the picture that Dr. Greg took, before he knew who Angel was.  God was talking to him even then.

This email was sent Tuesday 8/16/11.  sorry for the delay I will get better about updating sooner.
Dear Randall,

I hope this finds you well in health and spirits!

I am sending this message to share the blessing of seeing Angelica. I met her and her father, Alexander, for the first time last Friday.

We went together to the clinic where she used to be cared for. I looked for the Social Worker and found out who was the person that should help me with guidance on her case. I saw the doctor Angelica was supposed to be seen by, about 3 years ago, and she told me that according to the files, the treatment was abandoned. Then she sent me again to the social worked and she took me to the director of Social Services. When she looked at the papers we had, she said that in that clinic Angelica was not going to be able to find the support she needed because they provided other types of physical therapies but what she needed.

I told her that we wanted to find where the best place we could purchase the hearing aids for her...she said that those that we thought cost  about Lps. 8,000 (rh note: = about $430 US each ear) were not of good quality...that those would last only about one year. Although, she said that she was going to have a brigade from the US that would bring donations for hearing aids (PRAISE THE LORD!!!!) and those were of a much better quality that would last up to 5 years.

She sent me to another clinic because in order to get the appropriate size for Angelica, she needed her ears cleaned from wax so that the molds were accurate. I went to that clinic that Friday, but they gave me an appointment for Monday (today).

Today, we meet early in the morning to go to the clinic. The doctor, an Othorryno (rh note: ENT) specialist, saw her and even tried to find out if she could hear at least a bit...he put her earphones that they had and Angelica did not respond...sadly he said that he was not confident that Angelica would be helped only by the hearing aids...he said that if it was, she would also need a speech therapist so that she could identify the noises and learn how to use them and also learn sign language to communicate...and said that this was expensive, but it was needed.

He prescribed a special test to compare to the one we had...we have an appointment for August 25th at noon...after this, we will see how it is to plan a follow up.

We returned to the first clinic by noon, and the molds were made. The Social Worker will call us to let us know the dates the brigade will be down here in Tegucigalpa for the hearing aids. She says that normally is about the end of September or October.

We are so blessed that the Lord provided this help for Angelica!...if we get the hearing aids for free, then the money could be good for the speech therapy!

I have used some money already for expenses such as transportation and food...this is a little bit, but it counts because I do not have a budget of my own to do this, only a great love and commitment to serving God in the needy. I will have a report on the expenses after the hearing aids are given.

Fr. Dagoberto sent me this afternoon a phone number for Karen Blanco, in Yuscaran. I have tried to reach her but she doesn't respond. I will continue to call tomorrow. I will wait for news about the other person when he comes back from San Pedro Sula, perhaps next week.

Let us keep praying for Angelica...for the Holy Spirit to lead us to do our best for her with His help.

Thank you for all you do to serve Him!

Stay in touch!

Your sister Josefina.

Picture taken by Dr. Greg
Please keep Angel, Josephina, and the many other people who are doing God's work in your prayers. Especially the one's we don't know.
as I get more information I will post it here.

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