Sunday, October 12, 2008

One Big Family

Last night Sydney, Anthony and I went with 4 of their God Parents to Walburg. Walburg is a local community with great german resturants and since it is October... So we went to our favorite place, we got there early to get a good seat, in my opinion it was the best seat in the place. center of the floor, under the tent between both band stages.

So we ate dinner, had a beer and got ready for the bands to start. Anthony ran around with the other kids that were there, checking in occasionally, or one of us checking on him. Sydney was passed around too.

The bands started, we were playing dominos and occasionally dancing. But for some reason my radar kicked in, at the time I wasn't sure why. Eventually I figured it out, there was a woman hovering close to whomever was holding Sydney, well it didn't hit until I was holding her and the woman came over and nervously said, "she is so neice has down syndrome" sort of hesitant, sort of cautious, not sure if it was the right that to say or what to expect in response. I said thank you to the beautiful part and then smiled. she then asked if she could take her off my hands for a few minutes, I said sure... radar recalled she sat at a table to my right, Nancy looked over at me with a questioning look. I said, "her neice has downs" to which Nancy replied "Oh. It really is like one big family, having downs I mean"

It is, like one big family. an extra chromosone anywhere in your immedate family and you are in :-) Praise God for that family, and for being able to be a part of it. To be able to proudly go in public, enduring the occasional "stares" and rewarded with the occasional knowing "she is so precious/beautiful" from people who see what God sees :-)


Jeanette said...

I am so sorry I missed this! =0( You are such a good daddy! Proud one too! I luff you! Happy Anniversary honey.

you gotta wonder said...

What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing this.