Monday, October 13, 2008

Take a minute for us

Our family is always busy, for good reasons. church, men's group, women's group, EFM, Jen's reunion group, my reunion group, community outreach, dsact, ds events, oh yeah and family activities (just wait until there are games to make, and school stuff).

Needless to say, Jen and I have to work to make time for each other, which I think we do okay at but could always do better. Yesterday was our 6 year wedding anniversary, which means we have been together for just under 8 years! my how time flies. Yesterday we were able to take a few minutes (hours but they flew by like minutes) to be just ourselves. We saw a really good movie and a movie that was good in that Jen was able to take a bit of a nap (I dozed too), we had dinner, at the movie (love alamo draft house) but more important than all of that we got a chance to talk and just be us, without having to worry about where Sydney was crawling off to, or why the boys were so quiet, or the dishes need to be done or or or... it was just us and it was nice.

On the other hand something was missing, the extra noise, the occasional celebrity like status of people wanting to talk to the baby, the having a converstation, between Anthony's conversation, those things that have become part of our lives. The good news is we still enjoy each other's company and had plenty of things to talk about for 8 hours without the kids.

Big thanks to Arthur and Cathy for watching them and for allow Jen and I to take a minute for us.


you gotta wonder said...

Congratulations! Don't ever stop taking the time to be with each other.

Genny said...

That's great that you got time away, and that you had such a nice time. It's always good to "get away", even if only for dinner or a movie. Good to spend that time together.

Thanks so much for stopping by the other day.