Saturday, October 11, 2008

Time for the Saint's to March

Next Sunday is our second annual buddy walk. We participated last year when Syd was only 3 months old. At the time we needed to come up with a name. We had a great picture of Sydney in a teeshirt her grandmother had gotten her, on the front it said "Miricle" and on the back it had button on wings, I have been calling her my angel since before she was born, and her grandmother calls all her grandkids angels... anyway we had decided that was the picture we would use for the donation site and then found out we would need a name... so all our team members became Sydney's saints. The name has stuck.

What a differenace a year makes, last year we were not sure what to expect. Although we had been participated in many different fund raising events, Susan B. Komes (can't remember how to spell it), Walk for a Cure, Turkey Trot, JDRF, etc. This was our first buddy walk. We signed up, found a few people to join us (20 I think), raised some money and headed out.

It was amazing! it was not like any walk I had ever participated in, it was not about finding a cure, it was not about mourning being too late, it was not about another year of survival, it was more like a family picnic with fun and games, helicopter and swat humvees (to look at not to control crowds), face painting and fun, live music (biscuit brothers) and oh yeah there was a walk.

Well this year we go in eyes wide open, Jen has been on the planning committee from the beginning. I am supporting her and them from the outside, helping where I can. Of course next Sunday is all hands on deck so I am sure I will find plenty of work to do. As of right now we have 40 walkers, haven't raised as much money, not surprising given the current state of the economy. But we are looking forward to going back to our yearly family reunion :-)

I guess I should include information about the buddy walk and the team just in case you are curious.

This is the Sydney Saint Donation page:

There are links there about the buddy walk, joining the team etc.


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